Just FYI, and for whoever is actually interested in building a long lasting beautiful relationship with Hiro Nakamura. This account will no longer be updated.

Hiro Nakamura has moved HERE. Feel free to add the acct and or not. But everything I had going here, will be continued over there. This account will be referenced until I’m able to move everything from here to the new one.

Any questions you may have and or if we have never RPed and you want to, take the inquiries and the messages to that other account please. Thank you so much to everyone who RPed here with me and was patient even when I was only RPing every once in a blue moon. I really appreciate it.

Anyway, hope to see all of you over there. If not, it was a pleasure RPing with you all. *bows*

I woke Hiro up again… He seems a little disoriented, but he’ll get going again soon. I’m sure. P.S. You’re more than welcome to congratulate him. He’s a father now, and a proud one at that.

Anyway, I hate to do so, but I have to go to bed. Thank you to everyone who interacted with normal Hiro and Teen!Hiro. I love using his Teen FC. lol. Anyway, have a great night!

*teleports out*


weeping cherry by Atsuhiko Takagi on Flickr.
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New Years Sunlight in Japan by lestaylorphoto on Flickr.
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thehironakamura asked : Ship me with someone and I'll react with a GIF= *points at the little nerdy samurai dude on the icon*



Ship me with someone and I’ll react with a GIF.









I shall bug you about it in the near future then. There’s still some plots we never started. *nods* =D

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thehironakamura asked : -hugs Tina tightly from behind and gives her a kiss on the side of her neck.- Sansa finally went to sleep. Now I can give you early birthday kisses.



"Yes. Give me all of the birthday kisses Hiro Nakamura! Give them to me now!” 


-Continues the kissing until she suddenly pulls away- …Hey. You wanna go to Hawaii? Like. Right now? Because we should. I can call a sitter really, really quick. Like two seconds quick.

"Yes!" He whispers excitedly, making sure not to be too loud. Doesn’t want to wake up Sansa and have to put her to sleep again. "Are you sure the babysitter is reliable? If you can’t find anyone I can always ask my sister Kimiko. Keita’s Nanny can help her."

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At the Nago bus station by Alexander Synaptic on Flickr.
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